San Jose Mall WYOY Auto Mesh Front Lower Bumper Grill Racing Grille + Fog Lamp Max 80% OFF

Max 49% OFF CDs Vinyl => International Music => Europe WYOY Auto Mesh Front Lower Bumper Grill Racing Grille + Fog Lamp Communion Editorial Reviews Product Description The Grammy-Nominated Soundtrack of Our Lives is back! It's been almost four years since their last stateside full-length, and this Swedish, neo-psychedelic (Swedelic?) outfit is back in full force with Communion. Get the Vinyl a month before the official CD release date! We're releasing the LP early for those superfans who can't wait until March for the CD. A full press and radio campaign is being carried out as you read this, and they'll be touring the U.S. in March and then again in the summer. This record will be a double gatefold packaging with clear vinyl, and as always, an Mp3 download code for the digital version of the album is included. Review Soundtrack of Our Lives didn't get the 'lean times' memo: On their sixth album, these bombastic Swedes wrap their burly arms around rock's bygone excess, packing two discs with 24 songs. It's a perfect set for folks who think Oasis are too humble, that Pink Floyd lacked ambition. TSOOL lay down Stonehenge riffs and cosmic mumbo jumbo so earnestly and expertly that nearly every outfit they raid from the classic-rock closet flatters them: Check the platform-boot stomp on 'Thrill Me' or the suede-fringe swirl of 'Pictures of Youth.' The only chink in the armor is Ebbot Lundberg's wigged-out musings ('No, we don't belong anymore to the umbilical shore'), which often cross the line from glamorous abstraction into ESL-WTF territory. --BlenderThe album is having a hard enough time retaining its relevance as a medium, but the double album? It's been a symbol of unchecked impulses since Tusk (apologies to London Calling, Double Nickels on the Dime, and Warehouse: Songs and Stories). So it's a minor miracle that these Swedish vets' 24-song sixth album clocks in at 94 filler-free minutes, stuffed with late-'60s guitar romps ranging from slow-burn psychedelia (the Beta Band like opener 'Babel On,' the Velvet Underground indebted 'Everything Beautiful Must Die') to up-tempo struts, and more deliberate mood pieces (the wave-your-arms-in-the-air finale, 'The Passover'). --Spin This fifth studio recording from this Swedish band ambitiously continues their spot-on blend of classic "Who's Next" sounds with a somehow more current sensibility. Somehow: a key qualifier. I can't pinpoint how this band combines epic, cinematic ambiance with a take that refuses to succumb to the excesses of the early '70s. But, TSOOL do!My teenaged son, usually with a sharp ear inherited from his father, identified a touch of Bowie. This meshes well along with the usual nods to not only The Who, but mid-period Stones and possibly Pink Floyd. The album art also reminded me of the glory days of Hipgnosis, especially the memorable covers and interior shots for "Wish You Were Here" and "Presence"!The addition of a guest vocalist on two cuts gives a somewhat more world-weary, grainier delivery that enhances the equally burdened, if a bit higher-pitched, tones of their accomplished regular vocalist, Ebbot Lundberg. The band perhaps can be made too anonymous, ironically, by their very competence! They continue their impressive ability to adapt to their musical forebears by hammering down the kind of Who-meets-Stones riffing that anchors their signature sound.So, how's this classified as indie rock, rather than classic retreads? I still cannot account for this, but TSOOL keeps their stance light. They don't let songs drag on. They, schooled in punk, keep their appealingly accessible rock brisk.That being said, this twenty-four track, double-record set does deliver, although the intensity of the best stretches found on their début, "Extended Revelation," or their "Origin, Vol. 1" is diminished noticeably. Not enough to disappoint, but the anthemic quality that for me encourages a turn up on the volume knob did not happen as much on "Communion."The tracks flow nicely, and the sequencing as before shows the care with which the album has been made. I did hear precise production, and small touches hinting even at world music, sitars, harps, and percussion can be discerned. These add to the depth that I predict repeated listenings to this song cycle, following the hours of a day and night, will also reveal. It's rare these disposable days to hear a sprawling album, and another companion, committed to the serious enjoyment of punchy, not ponderous, rock. I am editing this review, my first one was a little less than stellar. I still think that this album is a little too much on the softer side, unlike their previous efforts. But when I finally gave up on my bad habit of track skipping and just let it play from beginning to end, I did enjoy it a bit more. The track order does have a certain flow that I now understand. But I think that this should have been a single album. And it does lack the experimental, trippy, unpredictable nature of their other efforts that I enjoy more. But enjoyable nonetheless. Great album. Seriously great. It plays like a radio station with a tremendous amount of great music. Not a bad song on the two CD set, though some I like better than others. Great album. TSOOL were a great band. My favorite album by the band. An amazing roller coaster emotions, leaving you relieved and ready to re-engage with the world. This album never gets old, modern classic with massive range Perfect. The Soundtrack of Our Lives has been around for a long time and have released four previous albums, all of them at least good (and one of them, the ambitiously titled EXTENDED REVELATION FOR THE PSYCHIC WEAKLINGS OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION, very close to great), along with a very fine two-disc "Best of" collection entitled A PRESENT FROM THE PAST. What I find especially interesting about their body of work (apart from the fact that they are Swedish) is that they are among the best bands in the world at mining the best of late sixties/early seventies rock. When I listen to them I'm constantly reminded of a host of the great bands from that era, from Moby Grape to the Kinks to the Flaming Groovies to the Who to Love. What I find even more interesting is that singer Ebbot Lundberg and guitarist Bjorn Olsson's earlier band, Union Carbide Productions, was a proto-punk band that sought to emulate the Stooges. The earlier band was a great one as well, but as they exchanged the paisley for the punk the band got even better.Although Lundberg and Olsson have been turning out great music for over twenty years, this is the best they've done yet. And on a double disc album no less! I will confess that I like the first of the two discs considerably more than the second. The second disc is up to the standards of their previous albums, but the first disc is absolutely stunning on every level. I especially love the third cut on Disc One, "The Ego Delusion," which manages to be both delicate and forceful at the same time, building to a powerful climax. I amused myself at one cover. As the guitar on the eighth cut began I shouted out to my friend with whom I was listening that they were blatantly ripping off Nick Drake. Well, no. Turned out it was a cover of Nick Drake's "Fly," and a very lovely cover it was, slightly electrified over the original, but pretty faithful nonetheless. Although I prefer the first disc, the second does end with two amazingly fine songs, among the strongest on the album, "Lifeline" and "Passover."This is probably my favorite album yet released in 2009. And definitely one of the most surprising. The Soundtrack of Our Lives is not a prolific band and I had more or less imagined that they might not release another one. So it was delightful when they not only released a new one, but their best yet. I give it a strong thumb's up. if you're looking for the newest in electronic gear for your home, office, car or on-the-go, our store has it. San Jose Mall WYOY Auto Mesh Front Lower Bumper Grill Racing Grille + Fog Lamp Max 80% OFF

San Jose Mall WYOY Auto Mesh Front Lower Bumper Grill Racing Grille + Fog Lamp Max 80% OFF

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San Jose Mall WYOY Auto Mesh Front Lower Bumper Grill Racing Grille + Fog Lamp Max 80% OFF

WYOY Auto Mesh Front Lower Bumper Grill Racing Grille + Fog Lamp
WYOY Auto Mesh Front Lower Bumper Grill Racing Grille + Fog Lamp

San Jose Mall WYOY Auto Mesh Front Lower Bumper Grill Racing Grille + Fog Lamp Max 80% OFF

San Jose Mall WYOY Auto Mesh Front Lower Bumper Grill Racing Grille + Fog Lamp Max 80% OFF

Product description

Color:A Set

Brand New
Lower Grill
Color: Black
Type: Mesh Position:Front
High Quality amp; Durability
Perfect Replacement
Easy To Install
L*W*T : 63X16X6CM


2005-2009 Fit For VW Mk5 Golf Gti Or Mk5 Gti/Jetta/GT Bumper

Please Check Your Bumper To Ensure Fitment Before Buy It

Package included:
1X Lower Grill

2 X Fog Lamp Cover