USA Online Sale - Biedongda 28mm VM24 Motorcycle Carburetor Carburador for Dirt Bi Max 44% OFF

USA Shop Discount USA Online Sale - Biedongda 28mm VM24 Motorcycle Carburetor Carburador for Dirt Bi Max 44% OFF Okay guys I want to try and keep this short, sweet, and to the point. Noone really wants to read a 2 hour long reveiw but i have a lot that i want to cover. So before I get into it I would like to give you a reference of my sensitivity capability. My skill set without the freeks is around a 7 on Call of Duty Black Ops II, and around a 5 on any other Call Of Duty, for any other gamers who don't play the series, I'll say it is about 30-50% higher than most standard setting sensitivity for most FPS games.I bought the product for 3 reasons.-1.)CUSTOMIZE MY CONTROLLER-2.)IMPROVE MY ACCURACY-3.)TEST MORE PRODUCTS ON THE KONTROL FREEK LINEGood:- I started with the CQC freeks. They are a bit shorter. The elite freeks are taller wich is a good thing for me, it was a step up. I like having that extra length-Installation couldnt be any easier. Pops on, Pops off, not too hard to get on and off, but not so easy that it will fall off in the middle of the game. Really great fit.-Actually helps more than you would think. The extension gives you the ability to make larger movements for smaller adjustments. This helps in several ways, the smaller you make your adjustments the more precise it will be, or if you make a large adjustment, you are less likely to overshoot your target. This also, beleive it or not, helps your reaction time by adjust the speed at which your analog stick takes to go from the left side of the controller to the right and vice versa. those quarter seconds make a huge difference in games.-super comfortable. I was surprised at this, my thumb dosent feel tired, i don't feel like im straining to reach, and the part that shocked me the most is the grip. Grip is a huge thing for me that the CQC freeks didnt really grip well, but no matter how long i play or how sweaty my hands may get, the grip is durable, and continues to do its job acceptionally well.-Inexpensive. Gaming these days can be relatively expensive. The Kontrol Freeks however are less than $20.00 (US currency). I think that for the money, they are worth every penny. I surely dont feel cheated or like I got less than what i paid for. I even spent the extra money to get the freeks next day aired.BADS:-This is probly the hardest part of my reveiw because there isnt much bad to say about this product. However i can say this. If you are one of those people that get frustrated easily and tend to give up, These probably arent for you. As a matter of fact, you will probly end up taking them off, throwing them on your dresser and forgetting about them. The Kontrol Freeks products usually take time to get used to and its the same for these. These especially take time to get used to. The extension pushes you to turn your sensitivity up. With the higher sensitivity and the bigger movements and the slight reaction change, your really just learning how to aim all over again. You will over shoot, you will go crazy aiming up and down and all over the screen. You will essentially look like a baby deer trying to stand for the first time. It takes a few daYS TO get used to aiming, and you will have to master aiming all over again. However, if you do use the product to its full potential, and master the sensitivity all over again, then the next firefight you get into (assuming that both of you are at the same sensitivty, skill set, and accurate) you will win that gun fight 9/10 times.I hope this reveiw was helpful to you guys, Overall i really enjoyed the product. I apologize for such a long reveiw but there is just so much more to these extensions than just plastic and rubber. I have had good expieriences throughout my gaming career with the guys over at Kontrol Freeks and in my personal opinion they are a great gaming company to buy from. I was trying to get my kill / death ratio up in Black Ops 2 and was over-correcting and shooting like crazy (trying too hard, thinking too hard, etc.).I tried these and immediately got better - very good results. Then, I think my own bad FPS habits sortof 'overcame' the adversity that I was trying to impose and I went back to the way it was. But, when I took these off, the controller didn't only feel weird without them - I just plain didn't like how it felt without them, even after a few hours of shooting at people. They make the controller better.The moral of the story is that even with a new controller and excellent extensions like these - if you can't kick bad habits, you're going to get outsniped from across the map with a handgun and you'll swear you should have given them a new nostril... but if that's the case for you and you're NOT using these things, give them a shot - you'll be surprised at how much they can fix your game.I bought these like all other people looking for some small advantage. I will say that after buying them I won't ever play on a controller without them. I am not convinced they make me a beast. I am able to roll the highest scorestreaks in BO2 but that could very well be due to the huge amount of other issues solely involved with that game. That's another story completey. Overall watch where you put these when you put them on and by that I mean that these each have three "feet" that snap onto your original analog sticks. One of the feet carved a small line where the rotation of the stick occurs and the feet met with the controller itself....really not a big deal and the right stick didn't do it. Overall I will say that I had to lower my sensitivity down tremendously. I was playing on a 10 with B02 prior to these and I now play on 5. I had a friend over and he played with them...said he liked them but immediately asked what the sensitivity was because it feels like you have more control and can respond quicker...I would certainly recommend these.went from .7 k/d to 1.7 in 2 hours!!! i just started playing blackops 2 online and was very happy. but beyond that me being a gamer focused on offline games i was also very pleased. i was about 75% through the game "Rage" and when i received these my game play for that greatly increased and i could even successfully raise the difficulty and keep up. since then ive played crysis 3, farcry 3, and a couple other fps games and my accuracy still blows my mind to this day. no matter what gaming style you have if you seek to extend your abilities then extend your joysticks!! and for the price its unbeatable.also on a side note, i got the newest slim xbox 360 and the controller it came with has notches in it for grip but it doesnt compare to the grip these give you.I have used this a little bit, not too much. I'm used to the PS3 thumbstick, which is between the height of the Xbox 360 thumbsticks and the 360 thumbsticks with the FPS Freek ELITE attached. Being so, I feel like the xbox 360 thumbstick is too short, and these add-on sticks (ELITE) are too tall. The amount my thumbs are raised from the controller resting in my palms is ridiculous. I know the science behind these, and they do provide more precise pinpoint accuracy and precision, but only if you can get used to them. The grip design is the best. I love it, it incorporates benefits from concave and convex shapes and utilizes a good grip pattern. It's perfect. I'm just not used to these and don't even want to try to get used to how far your thumbs are elevated from the surface. It doesn't feel good at all. Feels like you have to do more thumb movement to do cover similar movements with the xbox's stock thumbstick length. Which in a way can be perceived as lag. If you can get comfortable with the elevation, you could definately take advantage of the grip and the amazing pinpoint accuracy. Biedongda 28mm VM24 Motorcycle Carburetor Carburador for Dirt Bi Video Games => Legacy Systems => Xbox Systems we're breaking down barriers and helping to foster opportunity for all. Kontrol Freek Thumb Stick Addon Elite- Black (Xbox 360) Kontrol Freek Product description Kontrol Freek

USA Online Sale - Biedongda 28mm VM24 Motorcycle Carburetor Carburador for Dirt Bi Max 44% OFF

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USA Online Sale - Biedongda 28mm VM24 Motorcycle Carburetor Carburador for Dirt Bi Max 44% OFF

Biedongda 28mm VM24 Motorcycle Carburetor Carburador for Dirt Bi
Biedongda 28mm VM24 Motorcycle Carburetor Carburador for Dirt Bi

USA Online Sale - Biedongda 28mm VM24 Motorcycle Carburetor Carburador for Dirt Bi Max 44% OFF

USA Online Sale - Biedongda 28mm VM24 Motorcycle Carburetor Carburador for Dirt Bi Max 44% OFF

Product description


1.Various types of carburetors used for Motorcycles or ATV

2.Over 20 years of professional experience in technology and product manufacturing.

3.Strict management of production process with professional engineer.

4.Use more environmentally friendly materials to ensure high performance in racing.

Fit for:Motorcycle Carburetor for VM24 DT125 DT175 RX125 RX KING TZR125 RM65 RM80 RM85

Material: Zinc alloy

Intake size:28mm

Packing: neutral box

Net Weight: 600G

Gross weight: 645G

1PC box size: 14*11*9cm

Package Content: 1PC Carburetor
If you have any questions about the product, please contact us in time, we will reply you in time within 24 hours