Get Crackin’ Black Walnut Cracker

Black walnuts are some of the most stubborn nuts to crack. This Get Crackin’ is a superior-quality nut cracker made of 100% steel. It will make cracking even the most difficult black walnuts a breeze. This cracker has an innovative lever-fulcrum design which allows you to crack the hardest of nuts with a small amount of pressure. The design enables you to apply precision-pressure control to the nut to prevent the nut from shattering. Even so, the Get Crackin’ can re-crack stubborn small pieces that you often have to pry out with pliers or nut picks.


Easy to operate, the Get Crackin’ nutcracker will only crack one nut at a time so it’s best for personal use instead of commercial. Simply place the nut in the housing compartment, press down on the lever and let the housing compartment push down on the nut to crack it. The process is gentle that you won’t crack the nut into pieces. This nut cracker can handle black & English walnuts, macadamias and Brazil nuts, but it can also crack pecans. This Nut Cracker is the perfect combination of gentle control, precision nut cracking and high productivity with minimal effort.




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