Electric Pecan Cracker


Now 30% Faster! 26 RPM- 1,560 Pecans Per Hour

This Electric Pecan Cracker is the updated and improved version of the Kinetic Kracker.  At 26 RPM, you can crack 1,560 pecans per hour! Made in America and assembled by hand, the Electric Pecan Cracker is very easy to operate and maintain since the fan-cooled motor and parts are self-lubricating.  

The best thing about the design of this pecan cracker is its capacity to measure the exact pressure needed to crack and open the pecan so that you won’t have to work hard to extract the nut even after you run it through the cracker. Most times one half of the pecan completely empties from the shell and the other half will can easily be removed by hand.

Perhaps one of the best features of the Electric Pecan Cracker is that there is no assembly required and you can start using it as soon as you can get it out of the box! Speaking of the box, it was specifically chosen and outfitted to ship this pecan cracker.  Made of heavy duty corrugated cardboard, the box and custom inserts will withstand any shipping method. You can also safely store the Electric Pecan Cracker in this box when not in use.


True American Made

There is a growing concern of where products are made.  I am so proud the Electric Pecan Cracker I build is made right here in America!  The metal parts and even the motor are made right here in America by American companies. (If the motor isn’t made in America, then is it truly American made?)  Each Electric Pecan Cracker is hand assembled by a U.S. citizen who is a skilled craftsman. I even use only domestic metal.

Old is New Again

I went back to the original design and specifications.  The Original Electric Pecan Cracker worked great!  Just like the original, the American-made motor is cooled by an internal fan to prevent overheating.  Leroy Powell, the original inventor of the Kinetic Kracker, would be proud to see his original invention is still being produced the way he designed it.  After all, the pecan hasn’t changed and neither have the physics of cracking a pecan.
The top cover is easily removable for occasional oiling.  No more complicated disassembling and lost parts from an “improved” design!


                            Now Fits a Mini Bread Pan!One of the things I really wanted was more clearance for a deeper pan.  At 26RPM, a shallow makeshift bowl fills up fast!  So now it fits a mini loaf pan that is less than 4 inches in height.


Heavy Duty Box

Just like the original, even the box has been specially designed for long use. The 200-lb test, virgin wood, corrugated box can protect the Electric Pecan Cracker from the worst-case scenario, even overseas shipping. But that wasn’t enough! We added environmentally-friendly length, width, and height reinforcements. Effectively a reinforced box-in-a-reinforced-box. When you are done with your Electric Pecan Cracker for the season, simply put it back in the box and rest assured nothing bad is going to happen to it!

I went to a professional shipping consultant and asked for an eco-friendly box.  Sure we could have used foam, but foam deteriorates and falls apart with use.  We wanted the box to last for decades as well. This is a seasonal tool.  It is going to be in storage for many months at a time.  This box is going to protect your investment. If we give this much concern to the box, the contents must be worth it!

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a no-hassle money-back guarantee.  If you don’t like it, send it back; I’ll give you your full purchase price -money back.


My Commitment to Quality- A Fantastic 2-Year Warranty-No Cost to You

1st 90 days– If your Electric Pecan Cracker should fail in the 1st 90 days I’ll replace it with a brand new one (not a refurb).   I’ll pay shipping to pick up the broken one and I’ll pay shipping to get you out a new one.
Remainder of 2 Year Warranty- I will pick it up, free parts and labor, and ship it back at no cost to you.  Now that’s a warranty!


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